Master's in Habitat Management

Master of Habitat Management (MHM) is a two year full-time post-graduate program launched by the Faculty of Management at CEPT University. The MHM program opens up new avenues for employment in Local Governments, International Development Agencies, Management Companies, Infrastructure Development and Project Management Companies, Real Estate and Asset Management Consultancies.
India is rapidly urbanizing. Its towns and cities are growing fast. Better management of Indian cities, towns and buildings is urgently required. This is a unique and innovative program focused on building high quality habitat managers.  
This program, offered by India’s foremost university focused on human habitats is open to architects, engineers, and planners, graduates in science, commerce, arts, and computer applications, etc. 
The teaching programs at CEPT University focus on building professional capacities and therefore they are centered on ‘studios’ or ‘labs’.  Here, students engage with well-designed life-like problems. Coursework, seminars and research assignments, aimed at developing conceptual and analytical abilities of students, and skill-enhancing workshops support learning in studios and labs.  Students also have to enroll in travel and documentation programs and to intern in professional offices to widen their exposure.