MBA in Technology Management

Established in 2008, Faculty of Technology Management, now known as Faculty of Management offers a 2 year full time post graduate degree MBA in Technology Management.

In today’s globally competitive business world, technology is essential to run nearly every business and every facet of business. It is major factor impacting the pace of change in the business environment, which is faster today than ever before as new technologies and innovations force industries and firms to find new ways to compete and survive. For companies to succeed in this environment, people who possess both business savvy and technology expertise are required.

Thus the program is focused on training techno-managers to work in any business/management environment which is technology driven. Rising opportunities in the field of Operations and Project Management, IT Management, Energy Management and Infrastructure Management were the reason for introduction of MBA in Technology Management.

The program combines the skills of Technology driven individuals with the salient Management skills of the Faculties to deliver Technology Managers suitable for growing Indian Industry to aid in Operations and Project Management, IT Management, Energy and Environment Management, Infrastructure Management and many such areas where Techno-Managers are now required. (New admissions to this program closed from academic year 2013-14)